How To Have A Successful Labor Day With Friends

Guys, it is Labor Day. I feel like summer has only just begun, but somehow the summer has come and gone and fall is about to start. You have one more weekend to party, one more weekend to soak up the sun before work begins in earnest again, so make sure you celebrate it right. We've all seen Taylor Swift's holiday celebrations, so you know what a successful party looks like. But fear not, you do not need to be a millionaire to celebrate this weekend - I have a few tips on how to party with your friends and guarantee success: 

1. A Crew (#squadgoals)

Key to any successful holiday weekend is a group of people to party with. Make sure your crew is ready to celebrate, be it with color coordinated holiday outfits, (see, e.g. Taylor Swift's parties) or at least with lots of booze (see, e.g. #spritzlife).

DSC_0839 (1).jpg

2. A Place To Party

You need a place to celebrate. Any place works, but you will have extra success if your party spot has a view. We rented a home on the Eastern Shore this past summer, which provided both the perfect sunshine and many instagrammable moments. 

3. Food and Drink

You and your crew need to be prepared with lots of beverages and copious amounts of food. On our last weekend with friends we all agreed to cover a  meal. The result was that we could barely fit all the food we brought in the fridge - it was heaven. However, we did have to make two runs for champagne to supplement our Aperol spritz habit - in other words, never underestimate how much booze is necessary. 

4. Lawn Games

Lawn games are the perfect accompaniment to any holiday weekend because they are fun and inclusive - you don't need to be an athlete to partake. I highly recommend Bocce as the perfect lawn game, but anything will work as long as it is not lawn darts

5. Animal Friends (Optional)

The last item on my list is an optional one (and subject to dog availability, interest in animals, lack of allergies, etc. etc.): If possible, animal friends improve any and all holiday weekends and dogs especially add some chaos and happiness to any crowd. If you can, have two dogs, so that there are puppy pals. 

Have a Happy Labor Day everyone!