Goat Cheese and Pepper Jelly Grilled Cheese

So with yesterday's Nashville post I neglected to say where we went for brunch on Sunday. After partying at the 5 Spot until the early hours of the morning, we were in need of a good solid brunch before we got back on the road to Louisville. We decided to go to Marché, which my friend LS said was one of the best brunch spots in Nashville. I went in planning to have a big breakfast with eggs and a healthy serving of hollandaise. Instead, I had a grilled cheese, and it was an amazing grilled cheese. 

Marché elevated one of the most basic sandwiches by using goat cheese, a spicy pepper jelly, and bacon. I liked it so much that on the way out I bought a jar of pepper jelly, came home, and recreated it myself.  I made it again last night and wanted to share it with you!

Goat Cheese and Pepper Jelly Grilled Cheese
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- Your choice of bread, sliced
- goat cheese, at room temperature
- pepper jelly
- 3-4 strips of bacon
- butter

1. Place your bacon in a cold pan and turn on the stove. Cook the bacon until it starts to brown on one side and then turn it over. The bacon is cooked when there are no parts that are transluscent, pink, or white.  Remove the bacon and place it on a plate with paper towel.

2. Take your bread and spread on a healthy amount of goat cheese on one piece, and pepper jelly on the other. Place your bacon between the slices.

3. Heat another frying pan on medium heat. While your pan is heating, butter the outside of the bread slices.

4. Place your sandwich on the pan and cook it until the bread starts to brown, about a minute and a half. Then flip the sandwich to the other side and cook until browned. 

5. Remove the sandwich from the heat, slice, and serve!

NOTE: I bought Nashville Jam Company's Six Pepper Jelly (it's really spicy), but you can get different types on amazon that look great too (here and here). The pepper jelly could also be great on bagels with cream cheese too.