Fresh Orange Juice - invest in a citrus juicer

It is deep winter, and with the dearth of fresh fruit in grocery stores I am very thankful for oranges. 

I have been eating a lot of oranges lately, but mostly I have been drinking a lot of orange juice, fresh orange juice. A few months ago I read an article on food storage and preservation in the United States, which described the process of preserving orange juice. As it turns out, through a process of stripping orange juice of its oxygen and oils, companies can store the orange juice they advertise as being "not from concentrate" for up to a year before it makes it onto grocery store shelves. The article reminded me of the importance of consuming fresh and good quality ingredients and it spurred me to drink orange juice I've squeezed myself.

The thing is, making your own orange juice in the mornings is super easy and very fast if you have a citrus juicer. There are some simple options out there, but I am partial to a motorized juicer. Over a year ago I bought a Citristar Citrus Juicer for KT as a present. Unfortunately for him, his kitchen was too small and the juicer now lives with me in Louisville. Lucky for me, I have been using it all winter and keep a bowl of oranges on my kitchen counter.

The juicer means that I can have a cup of orange juice in five minutes, clean up included. The whole process is therapeutic and a great way to start the morning - try it out! 

Two navel oranges amount to about a cup of juice. 

Right now is the orange's time to shine, so be prepared for a another orange post this week (orange marmalade coming up soon!).   


  1. real orange juice is wonderful. i'm too lazy to make it myself though ... looking forward to your marmalade post!

  2. I love to make grapefruit juice for breakfast when I have time. I use the old press & squeeze juicer. We had one when I was a kid. Super easy to clean too.

    1. Grapefruit juice is a great idea, I need to start buying more grapefruit. Thanks!

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